I'm often asked these questions about Spiritual Life Magazine. Please check below. If your question is here, you’ll quickly know the answer. And if not, maybe you’ll learn something else. If you still need help, feel free to email me using the Contact Form. I read and answer each email personally and I’ll reply as soon as possible.

How can I read Spiritual Life Magazine?

Spiritual Life Magazine is a quarterly interactive mobile magazine. It is delivered and managed by an app that runs on both Apple and Android smart phones and tables. There is no print version of Spiritual Life Magazine because the costs of producing and distributing a traditional paper magazine are prohibitive for a small business. Also, the mobile platform provides a richer experience for you. You can watch inspiring videos, follow links, share with others and more—all inside the magazine. In the future, I may offer a PDF version that you can read on any device or computer, but right now I’m focusing on making the mobile magazine awesome.

Do I need an Internet Connection to read the magazine?

You need to be connected to the Internet in order to download the magazine and issues. If you are a subscriber, each new issue is downloaded automatically in the background. So you can start reading right away. You can read the articles off-line. But you need to be online to watch the videos, follow links, or share.

How does the purchase process work?

Spiritual Life Magazine is free to download and there is a free issue for you to enjoy and try out the magazine. Other issues need to be purchased. You can either subscribe to the magazine or buy single issues. Subscribers get access to the latest issue, all bonus subscriber-only issues, and any issues published while they remain a subscriber. Subscriptions are auto-renewed, at the end of your free trial period and each subscription period. Before charging you, Apple will email you at the address associated with your Apple ID to notify you of the coming auto-renewal. All subscriptions and payments are completely managed by Apple or Google and cancelling your subscription is within your own control at all times. I don’t have access to any of your account details or financial information. The complete process is handled and regulated by Apple and Google.

How can I try out the magazine before I buy?

First, you can read the free issue which will give you a taste for what Spiritual Life Magazine is all about. Second, you can get the current issue for free with the free 7-day trial subscription. You get immediate access to the current issue and to all the subscriber-only bonus issues without charge for 7 days.

What happens if the subscription price changes?

Your subscription is guaranteed at your current price or lower as long as you remain a subscriber. If you cancel your subscription and then resubscribe some time in the future, you will be charged the current price. If the subscription price is lowered, Apple will automatically charge you the lower price starting with your next renewal.

How does the magazine trial work?

After you tap the “Subscribe” and “Free Trial” buttons, you’ll get a message giving you the Subscription Terms and telling you about the free trial. Tap “Continue” to start your free 7-day trial. You will be able to instantly download the current issue and any subscriber-only bonus issues. You’ll also get access to any new issues published for 7 days without charge. The current issue is always the first issue on the top, left of the Magazine Home screen where you see all the cover images. Just tap the cover to start the download. The bonus issues for subscribers are the ones with a “Private” green sash. After 7 days, the trial subscription auto-renews to a paid subscription. You can cancel anytime before the last 24-hours of the trial period and you won’t be charged anything.

How do I subscribe to Spiritual Life Magazine?

  1. Download the free magazine app and open the magazine.
  2. You will be asked if you want to allow push notifications. We recommend choosing “allow” so we can send you news and tell you when a new issue is available.
  3. Tap on the yellow “Subscribe” button.
  4. Tap on “…(Includes Free Trial)”
  5. You’ll get a message giving you the Subscription Terms and telling you about the free trial. Tap “Continue.”
  6. Download the current issue by tapping on the cover.
  7. Look at the other bonus issues now available to you. Tap the little i icon in the lower right corner of the cover image to see the contents. I’m sure you will find many interesting and helpful articles.
Welcome to Spiritual Life Magazine. Enjoy and I hope it serves you well.

How do subscriber-only issues work?

Magazine issues displaying a green “Private” sash are bonus issues just for subscribers. They are available only to current magazine subscribers and cannot be purchased individually. They are extra issues outside the regular publishing flow. If you are a subscriber, you can download any and all the “Private” issues for free as a thank-you for subscribing.

Why don’t I have access to all the issues?

Back issues are not part of your subscription because that wouldn’t be fair to past subscribers who paid each and every month. Back issues can be purchased individually. This is just how normal magazine subscriptions work. When you subscribe to Spiritual Life Magazine, you get access to the current issue and all issues published while you are a subscriber. You also get access to all the subscriber-only bonus content. These are the issues marked “Private” with the green sashes.

How do special issues work?

We will be offering “Special” issues of Spiritual Life Magazine. “Special” issues are different in the sense that they are not part of the magazine subscription. They are independent special issues and everyone will need to buy them to read them, including magazine subscribers. Special issues will have a red “Special” sash and will appear below the top section in your app home screen. You may have seen special expanded edition of other magazines, such as Yoga Journal, People, Time, and others. Spiritual Life Magazine Special Issues will be similar.

How can I read Spiritual Life Magazine on another device?

You have access to your magazine subscription and all your purchases on all your devices because purchases are managed by Apple and tied to your iTunes account. You don’t have to pay separately for iPad and iPhone. But you need to set it up the first time, by “Restoring Purchases” on the new device. Then Apple automatically syncs the magazine as long as you are logged in with the same Apple ID. Follow these steps:
  1. On the new device, login with the same Apple ID used for the original purchase.
  2. Download the Spiritual Life Magazine App and open it.
  3. If you see a “Restore” button in the top-right, tap it.
  4. Otherwise tap the yellow “Subscribe” button. Then tap “Restore All Purchases.”
Now your magazine purchases should sync automatically to your new iPhone or iPad. Note: When you tap the “Subscribe” button, you’ll see “Current Subscribers” in the list. Please ignore it. Apple offers this feature to enable publishers to give subscribers to a print magazine access to the digital version. But it doesn’t apply to us because we don’t have a print version.

If you’re still having problems:

Check your Apple ID Usually when people have trouble, it’s because they are logged in with a different AppleID. Please make sure you’re signed in with the same Apple ID you used to subscribe on your first device. Because sometimes people get signed out by accident or when they buy a new device, it gets set up with a different Apple ID. So they end up with two Apple IDs and it’s very confusing. Here’s how to check your Apple ID:
  1. Open the Settings app on your new device, scroll down and tap on “iTunes and App Store” in the list on the left. You’ll see your Apple ID at the top.
  2. Double check that this is the same Apple ID as on your old device. If it’s not the same, tap it. Then tap Sign Out. And sign in with your other AppleID.
  3. Back in the Magazine, you should see your issues. If not, tap the Restore button.
Connection issues Sometimes there’s a glitch with the Apple Servers or a connection issue:
  1. Try connecting with WiFi because that often works better.
  2. Try restarting the iPad and/or iPhone.
  3. Try deleting and re-installing the magazine app.
If none of that works, I’ll need more details about your particular situation. So please, Contact me.

How can I cancel my subscription?

  1. From iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, open the Settings app.
  2. Tap on iTunes & App Store in the list on the left.
  3. Tap on your Apple ID at the top.
  4. Tap View Apple ID in the pop-up box. You might have to sign in.
  5. Under Subscriptions, Tap Manage. You’ll see a list of all your subscriptions.
  6. Tap on the subscription for Spiritual Life Magazine and turn off Auto-Renewal.
You can keep any issues that you’ve downloaded, but if you delete them, you won’t be able to download them again.

How do I delete downloaded issues?

If you’re running out of storage on your iPad or iPhone, you might want to delete old issues that you’ve already read. If you want to look at them again, you can download them later from iTunes. To delete issues: From the magazine home screen where you see the covers of all the issues, you see a little “i” in the bottom right corner of each cover image. Tap the “i” and the info dialog comes up. There’ll be a “Delete” button in the upper right if the issue has been downloaded to your iPad. Just tap it.

How do I delete my data from the app?

To delete all your data from our system:
  1. Cancel your magazine subscription if you're a subscriber.
  2. Delete the Spiritual Life Magazine App from your device.
  3. Email me using the Contact Form with a request to delete all your data.

How do I delete the app?

Find the Spiritual Life Magazine App on your iPhone or iPad. Press and hold the magazine icon until it starts to jiggle. You’ll see an X on the top corner of the icon. Tap the X and confirm the message from Apple. It will delete the download and all the data in the app.

The App crashed. What do I do?

The app has been battle tested for several years and crashes are usually caused by device or connectivity issues. The first thing you need to do is follow Apple’s guidelines here: http://support.apple.com/kb/ts1702

I have problems with downloading. What can I do?

Are you on cellular? Some cell carriers are not always reliable when downloading large magazine issues. It’s best to download when you’re connected to WIFI. It can take some time depending on the speed of your WIFI. You’ll see a thin blue progress bar under the cover image when it’s downloading. When it’s finished, the download button will change to “View.” Tap the View button, wait a little bit and the issue will open. If that doesn’t fix the problem, restarting the iPad or iPhone can fix this and other weird problems.

What is the “nickname” when I’m trying to review the magazine?

Apple lets people choose a nickname for reviews because many people don’t like to display their real name on the Internet. You can just fill in a nickname (pick a unique nickname that is not already taken) when iTunes asks you for it. This is the easiest way. Or, you have to set it in iTunes on your computer. (It seems you can’t do it on an iPad or iPhone.)
  1. Open iTunes on your computer and go to the App Store.
  2. In the list on the right side, click “Account”
  3. It will ask you to sign in with your Apple ID and Password.
  4. Scroll down to Settings.
  5. Click “Edit Nickname” on the right.
  6. Then just follow the instructions.
Thank you so much for reviewing Spiritual Life Magazine and other apps. It means a lot to me. Your feedback is very important to the quality and success of apps in the App store. I care very much what you think. I read every review and consider them when I’m planning improvements.

Question not answered? Contact me.

Please feel free to contact me using the Contact Form. I welcome your feedback, and answer each email personally. I’ll reply as soon as possible, normally within 24 hours. Welcome to Spiritual Life Magazine. I look forward to sharing many enjoyable and informative publications with you. Thank you again. Boundless Blessings, Nayaswami Kamala Creator and Publisher, Spiritual Life Magazine