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Spiritual Life is the preeminent magazine on practical spirituality for modern life. The quarterly, all-digital magazine brings you inspiration, practical guidance and meaningful wisdom that you can use to be happier, and to feel more peace, love and joy—without wasting your time with mystical fads or Hollywood trends.

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Be Inspired

Sometimes we just need a little reminder, an uplifting article or video, an inspiring meme, a little tip to boost our energy.

Or even just a good laugh or a friendly smile.

To brighten our day.

Great Magazine

“First time reader. Love the beautiful presentation. The articles are a great match to my beliefs. Thank you for all that it takes to bring such an inspiring message to so many.” ~Onemind07

Creative and Inspiring

“This magazine is the most creative publication I have ever seen, full of inspiring articles, songs, and videos. I have recommended it to my Transpersonal Psychology Students.” ~Radha-Bunny

Open Your Heart & Uplift Your Consciousness

Are you fed up with all the depressing, deceptive “information” out there? I know I am.

Relax and focus on the good things people are doing with our heart-warming stories and videos …

delivered in a beautiful, safe sanctuary without time-sucking searching or inappropriate ads.

Uplifting Magazine

“Practical Spiritual Life lives up to its name! Uplifting and down to earth. Very encouraging. LOVE IT!!” ~Rozlyn Warren

I love it… ❤️ Wonderful life-enriching content… ?

“Great app… great content… I really enjoy relaxing with a cuppa & reading this mag on my iPad…” ~Krystal Awakenings

Stories from the Heart

Practical Guidance

You wouldn’t climb Mt. Everest without a Sherpa. Would you?

So it is with our journey.

We share practical, yet deep teachings to help you with the challenges of modern life. Discover how to apply your spirituality to every aspect of your day—at home, at work and in your relationships.

Carefully curated articles and videos will lead you step-by-step through helpful practices that you’ll want to experience again and again.

Our contributors live the life, walk the talk. It’s not just theoretical head stuff.

Wonderful magazine

“Spiritual Life Magazine has topics to motivate you in being spiritual in your daily life. The encouragement you get is very practical too. I can’t wait for the next issue.” ~DianneCor


“I am so glad I subscribed. I am trying to explore a new journey in my life and this helps so much. Thank you for this magazine.” ~cosmic12

Acquire Meaningful Wisdom

Explore our harmonious blend of spiritual teachings from East and West adapted for modern life.

We emphasize both the original mystical teachings of Christ and the ancient science of Raja Yoga.

We welcome seekers from all traditions, or without a tradition, knowing that all true paths lead to the One. People like us are less interested in differences and more into exploring the universal message found at the heart of all valid religions.

A practical spiritual life is not metaphysical theory. It’s the pursuit and expression of wisdom and insights applied to daily life in the modern world.

“Light! More Light! Wisdom! More Wisdom! This is the constant cry of my Soul.” ~Paramhansa Yogananda

Connect With Your Higher Self

We do need the guidance of saints and sages to progress on the spiritual path. But ultimately, it’s about our own direct, inner experience of Spirit. No one else can give us deep meaning to our lives.

Learn to awaken your own intuition and receive guidance from superconsciousness on finding greater love, joy and peace.

Spiritual Life Magazine helps truth seekers like you create a deeper connection with themselves, with others, and with spirit.

Content for the Psychics

“This is my type of magazine about living a life in connection to spirit. Excellent information.” ~Ninindi

Love the Magazine

“Very useful spiritual information that I needed to hear.” ~Italian Godess

Awaken the Joy Within You

Joy is our natural state. Yet often, this joy can be obscured by our reactions to life’s challenges.

Joy is not merely a passive response on our part, it can be cultivated and enhanced until we find it possible to live in joy even in the midst of difficulties.

Spiritual Life Magazine shares simple, powerful tips, techniques and attitudes that give us greater mastery over our emotional responses.

Learn how to feel and express the natural, joyful nature that lies within you.

Let’s define spirituality as “Does it make you happy?”

What Our Readers Are Saying

Great Magazine

“Helps keep me focused on the spiritual aspect of my life. Nice informative articles, well thought out. Highly recommend this magazine who is interested in keeping their spiritual life strong.” ~Mothership72

Spiritually Abundant

“This magazine more than fulfills its intention of satisfying body, mind, and spirit… and their integration. It is packed with quality content; it is easy to read; it is enjoyable. I recommend it!” ~twright49

The Power of Light

“Thank you for you for sharing an awesome collection of light workers and healing on our planet. I am personally transitioning from a spiritual family of 23 years. Healing the good, bad, and the ugly. Spiritual Life Magazine has been key in continuing my spiritual journey.????” ~Magical Slipper

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May the Divine light
awaken and purify your heart
and bring enlightenment to all beings.