The Power of Affirmation for Positive Change


This post is 1 of 3 in the series: The Power of Affirmations.

Are you plagued with stinkin’ thinkin’ that constantly screams: You’re no good. You can’t do it. You’re fat… ugly… stupid …?

Using affirmations correctly will replace your critical inner voice with positive, loving messages that support and encouage you to become your best self.

The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.” William James

Affirmations are positive statements of a quality or situation you want to manifest in your life.

Repeating affirmations consciously is one of our most powerful tools for healing the body, mind, heart, and spirit.

7 Ways Affirmations Can Help You

  1. Stop the negative mental chatter: These voices in our heads keep us from focusing on what we want and from moving toward our goals. Affirmations soothe this wailing.
  2. Take control of your life: When we focus on “I can do this,” instead of nerves and jitters, we have immediately taken control. Often it doesn’t take much to remind us of how powerful we are. Simply repeating, “I am calm, I am cool. I am smart and creative,” before a job interview can take us from nervous to confident.
  3. Relieve stress: Stress is unavoidable and a certain amount can even be beneficial in motivating and energizing us. But when our negative reactions pile up and stick around, they create chronic mental and physical tension. Affirmations can help us learn to meet the challenges in our lives with energy and a positive, centered attitude.
  4. Improve your physical health: According to the Mayo Clinic, positive thinking is a key part of effective stress management which is associated with many health benefits. Practicing positive self-talk helps us handle everyday stress in a healthier, more constructive way.
  5. Feel better: Repeating, “I can do this! I can do this!” or, “I am brave, I am strong,” is incredibly powerful at helping you change your emotions. Skillful self-talk makes you feel better instantly. It’s like giving yourself a hug.
  6. Enjoy better relationships: Becoming a happier, positive, loving person will attract simpatico people to you. Affirmations build confidence and flexibility, so you can remain open to what others have to say and enjoy true communication.
  7. Grow spiritually: Using affirmations will change how you think about yourself and how you view the world around you. They’ll help you live more consciously which will bring you the motivation you seek, as well as happiness, joy, and passion. Creating affirmations will reveal more meaning in your life. You’ll become aware of your choices and how your actions contribute to fulfilling your purpose.

The Difficulty Lies In The Subconscious Mind

Negative thoughts and habits are ingrained in your subconscious mind.

Just resolving to “be better” doesn’t work because our powerful habits draw us back over and over again into our old ways.

Affirmations, used correctly, change negative thought patterns and beliefs by directly re-programming the subconscious mind.

I like to think of it as downloading new apps from the universe and installing them on my brain-soft-drive.

The Latest Science Backs This Up

Using modern imaging technology, scientists have discovered that the brain is not rigid and fixed after childhood.

No matter how old we are, with the right stimulation, the brain forms new neural pathways, alters existing connections, and adapts and reacts in ever-changing ways.

Why not make it a more conscious process?

We now have scientific evidence that our brains will cooperate with whatever goals we set.

But we have to act.

The first, most important step is choosing the right affirmation.

This is not as easy as it sounds. People often get it wrong.

Affirmations are extremely powerful and using the wrong one can do more harm than good.

You need to be aware of several subtle points both to protect yourself and to achieve success.

Discover how to find the best affirmations for you in Part 2: How To Find The Right Affirmation For You.

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