#72 War & Peace from a Yogic Perspective

From the Publisher…

Dear Friend,

I have to admit, the war in Ukraine has been particularly difficult for me. The heart-wrenching human suffering with millions of refugees fleeing, bombs dropping, and innocent people dying is beyond horrific.

These extraordinary events, as well as others around the planet, are sending out waves of dark, disturbed energy which affect us all no matter where we live.

But if we look deeper, to the spiritual level behind the physical, we see a message also of hope and instruction. These times of conflict can be a springboard to higher awareness, if we see them as a warning to raise our consciousness.

It is very good that the world has united in confronting this aggression primarily through economic and non-violent means. But we, individually, must also strongly confront the darkness of these times. Each of us can pray for peace, act as angels of mercy to everyone we meet, and fill our thoughts and relationships with peace and harmony.

On a more subtle level, it helps to remember that this world is but a drama, created and acted by the Divine. And things, though mysterious and painful, are proceeding as necessary according to an unknown plan.

Everything is made of consciousness. With our uplifted consciousness, attuned to God’s higher laws, we can help strengthen the good so it can prevail against evil.

In that light, this issue of Spiritual Life Magazine focuses on “War & Peace from a Yogic Perspective.” You’ll find articles, stories, and videos on current events and the cosmic mysteries that are informed by a different world view than you probably get elsewhere. You’ll also find practical techniques to help you manage your own emotions and reactions, as well as uplift the world.

To start, tune in deeply to God as peace. First increase peace in your own heart, then send this peace out to bless our entire planet.

I suggest using St. Francis’s beloved prayer, “Lord, Make Me an Instrument of Thy Peace” which you’ll find in a few pages.

I am making a pledge to do my best to act throughout each day with peace and harmony, and to strongly radiate those vibrations to the whole planet.

Will you join me?

In the light,


The Perennial Philosophy as Explained by Aldous Huxley
Under all the confusion of tongues and myths, of local histories and doctrines, there remains a Highest Common Factor, which is the Perennial Philosophy in what may be called its chemically pure state.
Uncovering the Cosmic Mysteries
by Paramhansa Yogananda
The truths espoused in the yoga teachings, are not limited to India, nor to those who consciously practice yoga techniques.
by Nayaswami Narayan
If God is all goodness, why is evil a part of God’s creation?
Is There an End to Warfare?
by Nayaswami Jyotish
Many people yearn for the time when we will finally be freed from the curse of warfare. When and how will we have world peace?
How to Live Without Fear
by Nayaswami Asha
The more clearly we can relate to the world with an understanding of the higher truths, the more we will be able to enjoy an inner sense of peace & harmony with the world.
Interview with Michelle Burke and Lilamani De Silva, authors of the Joy Cards
by Michelle Burke
We’ve learned over time through the ups and downs that being joy-filled is an inside job.
The Time for a Spiritual Revolution is NOW
by Craig Kolavo
Why is there so much pain and suffering in this world? Why all the fear, anxiety and hate? The entire planet seems to be on edge, and temperatures are rising. By stepping back and taking a panoramic view of the situation, the answers began to reveal themselves.

Stories from the Heart

Cleansing Waters
by Paul Fetler
Thank You, God, for the Fleas
by Nayaswami Kamala
My Aha Moment
by Karin Kain


A Powerful Tool for Healing Conflict
by Nayaswami Anandi
I have witnessed many miracles in my own life and in the lives of friends. About a year ago, I learned of a prayer by Paramhansa Yogananda that seems specially empowered to bring miracles of healing to anyone having conflicts with others.
Guided Meditation for Finding Peace and Harmony within Yourself
by Ganesha Kieran
In this video, Ganesha leads us in a prayer, chant, visualization, and meditation to feel in ourselves the peace and harmony that’s there all the time. He ends with a healing prayer to send what we have received out to all the world.
Receiving Guidance from Your Angels During a Crisis
by Karen Noé
Traumatic events in the world and in your life can take a toll on your health and emotional well-being, making you feel helpless and all alone.
Lord, Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace
by St. Francis
Security: Affirmation and Prayer for Self-Healing
by Swami Kriyananda
Prayer-Demand Asking God to Be the President of the United States of the World
by Paramhansa Yogananda
A Prayer In Spring
by Robert Lee Frost

Video Chants and Uplifting Music

Wartime Lullaby
by Bhagavati and Ramesha Nani
Perhaps it speaks to the inner child of all us grown-ups who are seeking a high consciousness and uplifted approach to dealing with the troubled and challenging times that seem to be multiplying all around us.
by Swami Kriyananda
This beautiful song shows us that from the heart of peace alone comes understanding. To bring peace to the world, we must seek it first within.


Your Spiritual Questions Answered: How to manage my fears of war and my kids’ security?
by Nayaswami Hriman
The Autistic Spectrum and the Seeker
by Marcel van Heijzen

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A Note from Kamala
10 Second Visualization: Take your difficulties and throw them into the sky. Imagine them disappearing like a flock of birds.
Poet’s Corner: Is Your Caravan Lost?
by Hafiz
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