#73 Unleashing Your Inner Power

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Dear Friend,

A new wave of uplifted consciousness was released on our planet about the year 1900. Its emphasis is energy and flow; its perspective is the world as one community; its religion is based on individual experience.

This was the beginning of a new era of spiritual upliftment the ancient yogis call Dwapara Yuga. As we now move more than a century farther into this new age, we find this wave of consciousness continuing to expand.

For us, who have the great good karma to be born in this new age of energy, spiritual growth is all about consciousness. The exploration of consciousness alone will get us to where we want to go.

These principles are explained in our feature article, “Why Consciousness Is the Ultimate Frontier of Human Evolution”.

Summer symbolizes the dawning of God’s light in all heart as the longer days nourish the natural world with increasing energy from the sun, showering the earth in abundance and joy. This is a time to celebrate the light of consciousness that dwells within us all. The sun at the peak of its annual journey symbolizes the awakening of that consciousness into enlightenment.

Take advantage of Earth’s brightest season to awaken your own life-force, creativity and spiritual intention.

See “Unleash Your Inner Power” for some ideas and assistance.

We are spiritual beings, children of God. So why does it take so long, we wonder. We become impatient and frustrated with our spiritual efforts. The solution is respecting the way nature works. Discover how in “A Step at a Time.”

Spirit can speak to us at any time in any way it chooses, if we are always listening and attentive. “The Magnificent Bird of Paradise: A Self-Study in Swadhyaya” tells us why self-examination is so important and offers ways of feeling our true bliss nature.

And you’ll also find many related articles by a variety of authors to inspire and inform you on your journey to realizing your highest Self as well as a selection of heartfelt stories, music, videos, inspiration and practices.

May the Light of Spirit shine within you,
Nayaswami Kamala
(Linda Lockhart)
Founder and Publisher, Spiritual Life Magazine


Why Consciousness Is the Ultimate Frontier of Human Evolution
by Shivendra Nath Misra
Is the world meaningless? Did the Universe come out of nothing? The exploration of consciousness alone will get us to where we want to go.
Unleash Your Inner Power
by Paramhansa Yogananda
Will is the power that moves the cosmos and everything in it. That power is your own, but God-given, and comes from soul levels deep within yourself. It is impossible to live without using this power.
A Step at a Time
by Nayaswami Jyotish
Why does it take so long, we wonder? It is common to experience a sense of frustration with our spiritual efforts. When progress seems to `take forever, our very impatience can become an obstacle. We need to respect the way nature works and take things a step at a time.
The Magnificent Bird of Paradise: A Self-Study in Swadhyaya
by Jayadev Jaerschky
Your soul–the essence of your being–consists of pure bliss. How do we feel it?
Standing Stones: Finding Space for Pilgrimage, Connection, and Healing
by Andrew Smith (Anddrus)
Implementing Ancient Knowledge to Focus Mind, Energy
by Amber D. Browne
Art as a Tool for Accessing Creativity
by Dana Lynne Andersen

Stories from the Heart

The Bag of Cookies
A Tale of an Ancient Monastery
by Brahmachari Premdas


Wonder What My New Favorite Word Is?
by David Eby
Reflections on Inner Strength: Cultivate The Divinity From Within
by Jagadish
From Zero to 60: Dancing with my Guides
by Shannon Grissom
Finding the Silver Lining
by Katja Rusanen
Power: Affirmation and Prayer for Self-Healing
by Swami Kriyananda

Video Chants and Uplifting Music

God’s Power, Vitality, Good Health, and Strength Flow Through Me
by Ananda Assisi
Keep Calling Him
by Ramesha Nani


Your Spiritual Questions Answered: Yogis Who Saw Jesus
by Abbot George Burke
The Brain, the Mind, and the Soul
by Marcel van Heijzen

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10 Second Visualization: Visualize a tiny acorn taking in life from the sun and growing into a mighty oak tree.
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