#01: Practical Spirituality and Happiness

This issue introduces the concept of “practical spirituality” and some important principles for leading a successful spiritual life.

In short, spirituality is that which makes us happy and uplifts us. In addition, our spirituality must be practical. Not all airy-fairy or woo-woo, but teachings, techniques, and inspiration that you can actually use to improve your daily life.

Our goal is to spiritualize every single aspect of our lives—work, relationships, physical health, attitudes, thoughts, feelings, etc.

Whether you are seeking more peace in your life or a deeper connection with God, Spiritual Life Magazine offers support and friendship for your spiritual journey.

On the Cover

What Is Practical Spirituality?
It’s about your own relationship to the highest reality in the universe, and to your own bliss-nature.
Top 10 Obstacles on the Spiritual Path
The entire spiritual path is a matter of removing the obstacles between you and God, between you and Truth.
Cultivating Happiness
The secret of a successful life is simple: in every situation, the answer is happiness.
A Powerful Tool for Healing Conflict
I learned of a prayer that seems specially empowered to bring miracles of healing to anyone having conflicts with others.


How to Use Affirmations Like a Divine Magnet
Video: Explanation & Guided Affirmation
God’s Power
Video: A chant to awaken God’s power in us.
A Simple, Powerful Practice
Is everything that happens to us a blessing? Yes! Here’s how to feel it in 3 minutes a day.
Creating a Sacred Space
Where you can be alone with your Self


Your Spiritual Questions Answered
What is the meaning of true love? By Paramhansa Yogananda
Zen Habits
Meditation: The Most Fundamental Habit By Leo Babauta

In every issue

Editor’s Note
The Happiness Virus
Sacred Music
God’s Power
Wisdom Story
Two Hungry Wolves
Inspiring Quotes to Ponder
Closing Blessing


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