Daily Meditations to Awaken Your Inner Power and Joy

The Power and Joy of Children

These brief meditations—one for each day of the month—will help you awaken your inner power and joy.

You can work with the day’s meditation, choose one at random, or pick the one that resonates most deeply with your heart.

Ask to be guided in your choice.

Then repeat it with concentration to send the inner meaning deep into your mind.

Ask to understand this meaning and how you can use it in your life.

This is a simple, but very powerful practice if you do it with energy and focused concentration.

Daily Affirmations

  1. Seek no favor. By gradual effort and labor build the crystal palace of inner power and inner joy.
  2. Look for success everywhere, and always it will come unto you. It is easier to succeed than to fail.
  3. Give without the inward desire for compensation. Somehow or other your present needs will certainly be met; and in the future, blessings and joy will be multiplied for you.
  4. Do not care for reward or approbation for your work. As long as you are of use and helpful, and your intentions are untainted by greed or selfish motives, go on serving and working in the name of God.
  5. Health is a reward of balanced living. Be selective in eating, mindful of exercise, alert in thought, and one-pointed to the development of Self.
  6. Do not drift. Once you have found the Universal truth, stick to it if you desire to grow. Universal and nondenominational is the Truth of Self-Realization.
  7. Be an example to others. Follow the teachings that have stirred your inner Soul to a Divine inspiration. Unless you live the teachings, inspiration will die out, and again you will be as restless and unhappy as before.
  8. It is better to devote half an hour day to God than to live all through life in restlessness and misery. Visit with God daily.
  9. Look for Souls rather than for money. Souls are worth more than gold. Sacrifice gold for Souls, never Souls for gold.
  10. Never be impatient to get results. The more impatient you become, the farther you push the good away from you. Be a tower of patience.
  11. When your powers become exhausted, as they will, you naturally look up to God for help and guidance. Then, why not leave everything unto His discretion now and for all time, and gladly do your duties.
  12. Wise men talk little and do much, while foolish people talk much and do little. Talk less and do more.
  13. Your inner power is inexhaustible. Neither age nor difficulties can overshadow it. Be patient with yourself and let time work out the Divine plan.
  14. Be active. Shun laziness and indifference. Finish today’s work today, so that tomorrow will be a fresh field for a new sowing.
  15. Fear no man. Fear not hard work. Fear not hardship. Fear not criticism. Be a hero everywhere and at all times.
  16. Grieve not because of much suffering. Because of it, you will have exhausted your Karma. Now sow new seeds and reap rich harvests.
  17. Until you reach perfection, your Soul will reincarnate in order to evolve into perfection. Why not reach perfection in this life by deep devotion to the Infinite and thus avoid the necessity of reincarnation?
  18. Even if there were a Heaven, merely by being dead you will not be qualified to go there. Therefore, qualify yourself here for Heaven by knowing that Heaven is within you.
  19. What is due you will always come unto you. If it does not come, it is because of your great disbelief. Believe in Divine Love and Divine Understanding.
  20. Believe in yourself. Trust your capacity. Put value on yourself. Correspondingly you will find others reacting similarly regarding you.
  21. Think of the happiness of others. Think of the welfare of others. Think of God. Think of honesty. Think of higher ethics and virtues. Then perform your work without any compunction of your Soul. God will be your guide.
  22. Be kind to those who want to follow the same path as you do. Some may be poorer in comprehension; some may be brighter. As long as their minds are fixed on higher development, help them by your association and do not leave them alone. Thereby you will gain, though you may think that you lose.
  23. As long as you are not steadfast in your Divine exercises, do not be too sure of yourself. Whenever and wherever you find the opportunity, associate with those who get together to practice the art of self-development. There is much wisdom in spiritual fraternity.
  24. God is just behind my reason today and every day, and every day is guiding me to do the right thing always.
  25. Be a master of your feelings. Keep alive the supreme feeling that brought you to a new understanding of life and beauty. Let not lesser feelings kill this higher one. Be cautious and steadfast.
  26. Read the teachings every day. Meditate on them every day. Live them every day. So, be happy every day. You are the Joy Eternal.
  27. Bless others in thought and action. Receive blessings to pass them on to others. As you bless others, so you are blessed.
  28. Rejoice with others in their joys. Sympathize with others in their sorrow. Help others in their distress. Stimulate their minds when they are drooping. Give them God when they are restless and wandering. God will grant you the joy that never ends.
  29. Life is the expression of infinite beauty. May this eternal urge of beauty burst forth through my every action and thought.
  30. May I find meditation in my activity and action in my meditation, so that my whole life will be a love offering to my Lord.
  31. The Great Universal Heart of God is in the heart of everything that breathes. May my perception feel the throb of every heart.

Affirmations by Paramhansa Yogananda, East-West Magazine, March 1934

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