Daily Meditations & Affirmations to Tune into Christ Consciousness

The Light of Christ Consciousness

The vibrations of an avatar are particularly strong during the anniversary of his birth on earth. So let us use these daily meditations and affirmations to help us tune into Christ Consciousness during this Christmas season.

Daily Affirmations

  1. Teach me to find Thy presence on the altar of my constant Peace, and the joy that springs from deep meditation.
  2. Bless me that I may find Thee in the temple of each thought and activity. Finding Thee within, I may find Thee without, in all people and all conditions.
  3. Teach me to know that Thou art the power that keeps me healthy, prosperous, and seeking Spiritual Truth.
  4. Teach me to feel that it is Thy smile which is in the dawn, on the lips of roses, and on the smiling faces of noble and good men.
  5. Teach me to behold Thy love only, in the love of my dear ones.
  6. Teach me to behold Thee as the only Father and Mother in the protecting love of my parents.
  7. Teach me to behold Thee as the only friend, helping me, encouraging me, through all my friends.
  8. Teach me to feel that Thou art the power behind all wealth and the value in all things.
  9. I shall seek Thee as the ever-increasing Bliss of meditation. I shall feel Thee as boundless joy, throbbing in my heart. I shall seek to know Thee first, last, and all the time. Finding Thee first, I shall find all things I crave through Thee.
  10. I know that Thou art my Father, and that, naughty or good, successful or a failure, healthy or unhealthy, ignorant or wise, I am Thy child, and that Thou must help me to be good if I am naughty, successful if I am a failure, and above all, devotionally wise if I am ignorant.
  11. I will not be a beggar, begging limited mortal prosperity, health, and knowledge. I am Thy child, and as such I demand, without limitations, Thy Divine Son’s share of all these things, which I already possessed, but forgot to claim, because of the forgetfulness caused by my mortal beggary.
  12. I want prosperity, health, and wisdom without measure, not from earthly sources, but from Thy abundant, all-possessing, all–powerful, all bountiful hands.
  13. Having Thee as the deepest joy of deepest meditation, I know that all things − prosperity, health, and wisdom − will be added unto me.
  14. Thy light of goodness and Thy protective power are ever shining through me. I saw them not, because my eyes of wisdom were closed. Now Thy touch of peace has opened my eyes, and Thy goodness and certain protection are flowing through me.
  15. O Divine Shepherd of Infinite Perception, rescue the lambkins of my thoughts, lost in the wilderness of restlessness, and lead them to Thy Fold of Silence.
  16. With the approach of Christmas, I feel the birth of Christ in the flowers, in the twinkle of lights, and in the sparkling eyes of all living creatures.
  17. The Christ Consciousness in all things is coming to be born in the little hamlet of my consciousness. With His arrival, I shall behold myself in all things, existing in His light.
  18. I will follow the shepherd of the wise faith, devotion, and meditation, who will lead me through the star of inner wisdom to the Christ in everything.
  19. I shall behold the only begotten, only reflection, of transcendental God, the Father, born in the womb of all finite matter and vibration as the only Christ Intelligence, shepherding all Creation to an intelligent, Divine end.
  20. Through the transparency of my deepest meditation I will receive the light of the omnipresent Father, fully passing through me, and I shall be a son of God, even as Jesus was, by receiving God fully, through His sacred meditation-expanded Consciousness.
  21. I shall close my material eyes and dismiss the temptation of matter. I shall peer through the darkness of silence until my eyes of relativity open into the one inner Eye of Light. When my two eyes of good and evil become single, and behold only the Divine goodness of God in everything, then I shall find my body, mind, and soul filled with His omnipresent light.
  22. All the veils of my ignorant inner life are burnt in the light of my awakening in Christ, and I behold the intelligence of the baby Jesus, cradled in the petals of roses, and in the weaving of lights in the love thoughts of all true souls.
  23. After the waiting of many incarnations, Christ is being born anew in me. All the boundaries of my little mind are broken, so that the omnipresent Christ may wake Himself on the lap of my consciousness.
  24. My thoughts are all decorating the Christmas tree of meditation with the rare gifts of devotion, sealed with golden heart prayers, so that Christ may come and receive my humble gifts. I will mentally join in the worship of all mosques, churches, and temples, and perceive the birth of the Universal Christ Consciousness as peace on the altar of all devotional hearts.
  25. The Christ in me will behold the Christ in all. Perceiving the Christ Consciousness, or Kutastha Chaitanya (consciousness in all atoms of Hindu scriptures) in all, I will feel my presence in all. Feeling my presence in all Creation first, I will feel my presence beyond all Creation, in God the Father. Then I will know that I, in all finite Creation as Christ Consciousness, and the Father as Cosmic Consciousness, as infinite beyond all Creation, are one, just as the sunlight shining on the crystal ball is the same as the sunshine in the ball.
  26. After baby Christ Consciousness is born in my consciousness, He will keep growing until His Spirit shows His spreading presence in the consciousness of all races, all men, and all creatures.
  27. Christ was always born in me. He came and preached through my consciousness to my rowdy and hypocritical thoughts. By the magic wand of meditative intuition, He stopped the storms in the seas of my life, and many other lives. I was mentally blind, my will was lame, but I was healed by the awakened Christ in me. He commanded my dead wisdom to come forth from its sackcloth of delusion, and raised it to life. At last my will, faith, hope, intuition, purity, meditation, desires, good habits, self-control, sense- aboveness, devotion, wisdom − all these disciples − obeyed the commandments of the Christ who appeared on the mountain of my high meditation. Christ walked on the restless waters of my mind, yet the Judas of restlessness and ignorance, deluded by the Satan of sense lures, betrayed the Christ calmness, the Christ joy in me, and crucified Him on the cross of forgetfulness. Christ has been crucified many times by my ignorance. The immortal Christ Consciousness will be resurrected again in me when my wisdom repents, and forsaking its age-long slumber, remains awake.
  28. Every star, every pure thought, each good act will be my window through which I shall behold the Father.
  29. O God, I shall worship Thee as beauty and intelligence in the temple of Nature. I shall worship Thee as power in the temple of activity, and as Peace in the temple of Silence.
  30. Father, I want Thee first, for Thou art mine and Thou art everything.
  31. If I want health, I will not always seek at the door of limited medicine. If I seek prosperity, I shall know Thee first, and receive it from Thy hands. I shall not seek the fancy-poisoned knowledge of most books. I shall receive wisdom from Thy lips of Self-Realization in the Temple of Meditation.

Affirmations by Paramhansa Yogananda, East-West Magazine, December 1932

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