Daily Meditations & Affirmations for Change and Strength

The vibrant strength and joy of spring

Spiritual growth comes by raising our consciousness inward and upward to the spiritual eye.

A good place to start is by working with our habitual, negative thoughts.

These 31 inspiring, powerful affirmations—one for each day of the month plus a bonus—will help you take charge of your thoughts and change them from critics to allies.

Daily Affirmations

  1. Today I will strive to be a spiritual magnet. I will draw good to myself according to my power of attraction.
  2. I am a spark from the Infinite. I am not flesh and bones. I am Light.
  3. Everything that belongs to the body is perishable; everything that belongs to the soul is imperishable; therefore, I will not give too much attention to material things.
  4. I will seek God first, then all my desires will be satisfied, and whether I live in a palace or a hut will not then make any difference.
  5. As Christ resurrected Himself, so I will resurrect myself into the freedom of Spirit by living rightly, by kindness and sympathy to others, and by loving all as I love God and myself.
  6. He who rubs his soul on the Divine Magnet by concentration, becomes a part of that Magnet (God) and he attracts to himself all that is good.
  7. I will develop concentration and meditation and I will read good books and be more thoughtful. Above all, I will meditate frequently and deeply.
  8. When pain or anger or any kind of suffering comes to me, I will view it like a spectator. I will separate myself from my experiences. I will endeavor to retain peace and happiness at all costs.
  9. I will appreciate all the good things that God has given me without waiting for painful experiences to make me appreciate them. I am an immortal child!
  10. Heavenly Father, I will not reject anything without first investigating it. If I sincerely try to find the truth, I shall obtain satisfaction and the answers that I have been seeking.
  11. The center of Cosmic Consciousness is at the point between the eyebrows, which is the inner Spiritual Eye, the inner door to the kingdom of Christ. I will concentrate at this point.
  12. Beloved Father, this day I will resurrect my body into the light, my mind into cosmic consciousness, my will into divine will, my joy into the joy of Spirit, and my life into the eternal life.
  13. Divine Father, I will resurrect my consciousness from the confines of the body into the great, deep omnipresence that is spread around me.
  14. Heavenly Father, I know that my consciousness is changed by change of environment; so when my environment poisons me by delusion, I shall change to a better environment
  15. Christ is risen from the sepulcher of my indifference and I behold Him in the light of my devotion. I, a sleeping son of God, am coming out of my bodily prison into the vast freedom of Spirit.
  16. God shows us that we are not the body, which is just a casing, and we must resurrect our Spirit. This doesn’t mean that we must neglect the body, but we must not be confined by the body.
  17. Today I will remember that I am Spirit. I am above breath and mind. I am pure consciousness, ever-expanding. I am love itself.
  18. The way to contact God is to meditate deeply with utmost devotion in the silent hours of the night, at the break of dawn, or in the hidden glow of the twilight.
  19. Through intuition alone one can feel the presence of God. Today I will develop intuition through meditation.
  20. Divine Mother, as I called to Thee in the wilderness of my loneliness, Thou didst burst through the dawn to greet me with Thy joy. Thou didst pour Thy power into the pores of my life and didst tear away the night of my ignorance.
  21. Heavenly Father, I will pray and use my will power steadily until the cosmic silence of ages is broken and I find my answer through the voice of peace.
  22. Today I will visualize the great things which I need, and will steadily use my will power, my creative ability, and my patience to materialize them.
  23. I have resurrected my little love into the Christ love in which all beings exist. I am the Cosmic Spirit of love.
  24. I will make mental blueprints of little things and keep on making them materialize until I can make my big dreams come true.
  25. I will not become too much attached to things, as this will cause me to forget God. We lose things, not to punish us, but to see if we love little things more than the Infinite.
  26. Beloved God, the festivities of the heavens are dazzling with the fireworks of meteors and comets, I will worship Thee as the uncrowned King of universes.
  27. Heavenly Father, bless us that we make Thee the King on the throne of our ambitions. Bless us that the rivers of our desires converge into the ocean of Thy Spirit.
  28. Before going to sleep I will say, “I am not the body nor the desires of the body. I am free from all delusions. I am entering in the land of Spirit.
  29. This day everything that I do will be for God. I love God above all because I cannot do anything without the power borrowed from Him.
  30. The message of Christ is not of weakness but of power, which can rout all the legions of ignorance.
  31. Beloved Father, I know that some day when I have met all the tests of this life, I shall know that I am the little bird of paradise who sings of eternity and whose life is in every atom.

Affirmations by Paramhansa Yogananda, East-West Magazine, April-June 1942

Affirmation is one of our most powerful tools for healing the body, mind, heart, and spirit. To learn all about affirmations—how to create and use them, and some dangers you need to be aware of, check out my article, The Power of Affirmation for Positive Change.

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