Daily Affirmations To Help You Create Success In The New Year

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Affirmations are one of our most powerful tools for attracting success on all levels—body, mind, heart, and soul.

These 31 inspiring, powerful affirmations—one for each day of January—will help you change the thoughts that don’t serve you into ones that do.

Here’s to your success in the New Year!

Daily Affirmations

  1. With the opening of the New Year, all the closed portals of limitations will be thrown open, and I shall move through them to vaster fields, where my worth-while dreams of life will be fulfilled.
  2. I shall seek my prosperity in making others prosperous.
  3. I shall increase my true happiness and show others how to make themselves happier.
  4. I shall make myself healthier every day by eating more raw food and ground nuts and less of the wrong kind of food. I shall ask others to follow my example in gaining good health.
  5. I shall make it a point to include, in my efforts to be better, the well-being of others.
  6. O God, bless me, that I may more easily form the habit of becoming good instead of gravitating toward evil.
  7. Father, help me, that I may naturally, spontaneously, and easily form the habit of proper eating and not become the victim of greed, and thus suffer against my will.
  8. Heavenly Spirit, bless me, that I may easily find happiness instead of becoming worried at every test and difficulty.
  9. Teach me to be tenaciously and cautiously courageous (not rash) instead of always being afraid.
  10. There is a right solution to every problem. I have within me the wisdom and intelligence to see this solution and the courage and energy to carry it through.
  11. I will use my creative thinking ability to gain success in every worth-while project that I undertake. I will help myself that I may bring into proper use all my God-given powers.
  12. Nothing shall blight my smiles. Grim death, disease, or failure will only make me smile at disasters. I know that they cannot really touch me, for I have the unconquerable, unchangeable, ever-new Bliss of Silence.
  13. My smile I shall behold on the lips of dawn, on the lips of every joyous expression of God.
  14. I shall behold Wisdom in ignorance, Joy in sorrow, Health in weakness, for I know that God’s perfection is the only reality.
  15. Today I shall help someone to gain health and happiness.
  16. Today I shall help someone to be mentally strong and to find a satisfying work.
  17. Today I shall help someone to establish the temple of devotion within his own soul in order that God may dwell there forever as kindness and understanding.
  18. Today I shall establish the temple of wisdom in one heart in order that God may manifest there as wisdom to help others.
  19. Today I shall establish the power of God in the temple of each activity.
  20. Today I shall establish the joy of meditation in the temple of each thought that I have.
  21. Today I shall find God’s vitality in the Sun. I shall bathe my body directly in sunlight every day and appreciate the life-giving, disease-destroying gift of the ultra-violet rays from God.
  22. I shall recognize all disease as the result of my transgression against health laws, and I shall try to undo the evil by right eating, less eating, by fasting, by more exercise, and by right thinking.
  23. I will do everything with deep attention. My work at home, in the office, in the world—all duties, small and great—will be performed well with my deepest attention.
  24. In the mirror of silence I shall behold Thy Face of Peace each day.
  25. Every day I shall establish Thy Peace in some heart.
  26. Each day I shall meditate deeper than yesterday. Each tomorrow I shall meditate deeper than today.
  27. I shall meditate during most leisure hours. Instead of being absent-minded, I shall think of Thee.
  28. In the temple of my love I shall worship Thy love. In the temple of my wisdom, I shall worship Thy wisdom.
  29. In the temple of silence I found Thy Altar of Peace. On the Altar of Peace I found Thy ever-new Joy.
  30. I am made of Spirit, since that is the only substance which exists. Therefore I am Health; I am Success; I am Peace.
  31. I will strive for business success not only for selfishly making money, but also that I might serve my country and the world well with some worthwhile things.

Affirmations by Paramhansa Yogananda, East-West Magazine, 1932–1933

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