Daily Affirmations & Meditations to Increase Your Love & Devotion

I offer to thee my heart's love and devotion

Do you want more love in your life? Do you want to feel more devotion?—Not just for the divine, but for everything you do?

Try some of these affirmations for love.

Affirmation is one of our most powerful tools for balancing and healing any quality. Working with affirmations will increase your energy and then, by the power of intention and the law of magnetism, bring more of that quality to you.

These 28 inspiring, powerful affirmations—one for each day of February—will help you change the thoughts that don’t serve you into ones that do.

Daily Affirmations

  1. Let the embers of my devotion glow with Thy Presence evermore.
  2. I have made an altar of devotion in every thought. Come Thou, O Mother Divine, and rest on the humble altar of my thoughts.
  3. I behold the pores of Thy body in the sky. I watch Thy eyes twinkle through the stars and through the wisdom of human thoughts. I behold Thee listening through my devotion. I hear Thee talking to me with Thy voice of inner quietness. I feel Thee caressing me through the cool breeze and the warm sunshine. I feel Thee soothingly touch me with the joy of meditation. I enjoy Thy fragrance in the blossoms of my devotion. May Thy feeling, will, and reason breathe through my feelings, will, and reason. I feel Thy heart throb through my own and through all other hearts. I feel Thee walking through all feet, working through all hands, thinking through the thoughts of all minds, throbbing through all hearts, enjoying through all souls.
  4. I feel Thy feeling through my Universal love.
  5. I feel Thy will through my sacred will and holy determinations.
  6. Father, may Thy wisdom be the guide of my reason.
  7. Be Thou, O Father, the only thrill of my joy.
  8. Make me feel that Thy perfect image of health is reflected in my body.
  9. Make me feel that Thy perfect, Almighty power flows through my mind.
  10. Make me feel that Thy perfect Wisdom is manifesting through my wisdom.
  11. Make me feel that Thy Spirit is reflected in my soul.
  12. Make me feel Thy perfect Presence by manifesting through all my body parts.
  13. By peering intently through the open eyes of my devotion, I found Thee right here with me, surrounding and enveloping me, just as the sun is seen when the eyes are opened.
  14. By re-establishing my identity with Thee, let me know that all that Thou hast belongs to me also.
  15. On the altar of dawn, I will worship Thee.
  16. I shall destroy the demon of jealousy and establish Thy Light of Love in my soul..
  17. I shall destroy the peace-devastating anger and will establish the altar of calmness in my soul.
  18. May Thy joy rest forever on the altar of my constant inner calmness.
  19. I will behold only the good traits of the people I meet. I will cease beholding the negative qualities of people.
  20. I will rejoice in the sacred joy of others.
  21. I will cry and burst my heart with the secret unceasing prayer: “Reveal Thyself,” until Thou dost appear unto me.
  22. I want to learn the truth about the mystery of life from Thy own lips of intuition.
  23. Take away the intoxication of spiritual indifference toward meditation so that I may unceasingly seek until I find Thee.
  24. First, I shall seek Thee with all my might; secondly, I will think and study; thirdly, I will look after my health; fourthly, I will earn my livelihood; lastly, I will enjoy material things with Thy Joy.
  25. I will overcome meanness by nobility.
  26. I will burn hatred in the roaring embers of my spreading love.
  27. I shall be moderate in everything. I shall be balanced in my actions.
  28. I will eat, not to satisfy greed, but for health. I will sleep, not for sloth, but for rest.

Affirmations by Paramhansa Yogananda, East-West Magazine, February 1933

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