Daily Affirmations for Love and Goodness

Brotherly Love and Goodness

Who among us doesn’t need more love and goodness in their lives?

I know I do.

Affirmations will help make that happen.

Use these 31 powerful affirmations as a focus to increase the love and goodness in your life.

Daily Affirmations

  1. This day I will establish goodness on the altar of my every activity.
  2. Today I will behold goodness enthroned on the altar of each soul.
  3. I bow to Thee, Oh God, in the temple of the Skies, in the temple of Nature, and in the temple of my human brothers.
  4. Today I will forgive all those who ever offended me, and I will give bucketfuls of my love to all thirsty hearts—both to those who love me and to those who do not love me.
  5. I will see God especially in the soul of my inharmonious wife, or my inharmonious husband, or my unkind friend, or my naughty child, or in any other inharmonious one with whom I today have to come into contact. Beholding the perfect spirit in him, I will help him with good vibrations that will dispel the darkness of inharmony by the light of my silent but unceasing kindness.
  6. I will strive for business success not only for selfishly making money, but also that I might serve my country and the world well with some worthwhile things.
  7. I will use my honestly acquired money to live simply, doing away with luxury, and I will try to use my money to make the world-family better and happier, according to the measure of my ability.
  8. I will spend less and less, not like a miser, but as a person of self-control. I will spend less that I might save more and with that bring security to myself and to my family, and also help liberally my needy human brothers.
  9. I will use my creative thinking ability to gain success in every worth-while project that I undertake. I will help myself that I may bring into proper use all my God-given powers. God will help me if I help myself, and then pray to Him to help me to bring my efforts to a successful issue.
  10. I will do everything with deep attention. My work at home, in the office, in the world—all duties, small and great—will be performed well with my deepest attention.
  11. I am the Captain of the ship of my judgment, will, and activity. I will guide my ship of life ever beholding the Pole Star of His peace shining in the firmament of my deep meditation.
  12. I make up my mind never again to wear anger in my face. I will never inject the poison of anger in the heart of my peace and kill my spiritual life. I will be angry only with anger, and with nobody else. I cannot be angry with anyone, for the good and the bad both are divine brethren, born of my one Divine Father. I will calm the anger of others by the good example of my tranquility, especially when I am hurt by seeing my brothers suffering from the delirium of anger.
  13. Oh, Spirit, be Thou the only ambition reigning on the thrones of all the other ambitions of my heart!
  14. I buried dead disappointments in the cemeteries of yesterday. Today I will plow the garden of life with the flowers of my new creative efforts. Therein I will sow seeds of wisdom, health, prosperity, and happiness. I will water them with self-confidence and faith, and I will wait for the Divine to give me my much-needed harvest. I will be thankful for having the satisfaction of trying my best, and I will thank God that I am not crippled, but able to try again and again until with His help I do succeed. I will thank Him when I succeed in fulfilling my heart’s wholesome desire.
  15. Oh, Spirit, I will reason, then I will will, and after reasoning and willing in the right direction, I will act, but lead Thou my reason, will, and activity along the right path which I should follow.
  16. I will take the best from every nation—the Americans, Hindus, Germans, English, French, Italians, Swedes, Chinese, Japanese, and all others. I will concentrate on the good qualities of all nationalities and turn away my attention from their errors.
  17. Each morning I bow to Thee, Our Father, resting in the hearts of the American and European, in the Protestant and Catholic churches, in the Hindu Temples, in the Buddhist Viharas, in Jewish Tabernacles, in Mohammedan Mosques, and in all other worshipping places of Thine in the Earth.
  18. I bow to the Infinite One Father, differently manifesting in the different churches and temples, which are all erected in His honor. I worship the one God resting on the various altars of teachings and religious faiths.
  19. I will seek the Kingdom of God first, and make sure of my actual contact with God; and then if it is his Will, all things—wisdom, abundance, and prosperity—will be added unto me as part of my Divine birthright, since He made me in His image.
  20. God is within me, around me, protecting me, so I shall banish the gloom of fear which shuts out His guiding light and makes me stumble into the ditches of my own error.
  21. I shall spread the sunshine of my goodwill wherever the darkness of misunderstanding lies.
  22. I will conquer pride with humility, wrath by love, excitement by calmness, selfishness by unselfishness, evil by good, ignorance by knowledge, restlessness by the ineffable peace acquired in the stillness of complete silence.
  23. I will dispel the error, “I am a human animal,” by affirming, dreaming, realizing in meditation that “I am Spirit.”
  24. I will stop worrying about my past failures; I will slay all fears of future troubles by living well, striving well, meditating well—today.
  25. I bow to the Spirit existing in the templed stars, in the tabernacle of the sun and the moon, in the temple of human souls, and in the living hamlets of flowers, birds, and beasts.
  26. I bow to the Christ in the temple of all human souls and in the temple of all life.
  27. I make up my mind that nobody can excite me by insulting words or deeds, and that nobody can praise me enough that I shall think because of that praise that I am more than what I am. Wherever people appreciate my efforts to do them good, I will know that there is the place where I can be of greatest service.
  28. I will realize that praise does not make me any better, nor blame any less. I am what I am before my own conscience and God. I will care nothing for piercing false criticism, or garlands of praise thrown to me. I will travel on, doing good to all and pleasing God, for thus have I found my only true happiness.
  29. I will meditate more deeply today than yesterday, and my tomorrow’s meditation on my Beloved Infinity will be deeper than today’s
  30. I bow to Thee, O Spirit in front and behind. I bow to Thee on the left and on the right, above and beneath. I bow to thee within and without. I bow to Thee everywhere.
  31. In the temple of consciousness of every man, woman, child, and every living creature, I will behold the altar of Christ consciousness. By serving them physically, mentally, spiritually, to the best of my ability. I will serve the Spirit of Cosmic Consciousness.

Affirmations by Paramhansa Yogananda, East-West Magazine, May 1932

Affirmations work directly on the subconscious mind to change the thoughts that don’t serve you into ones that do. They are one of our most powerful tools for healing the body, mind, heart, and spirit.

To learn all about affirmations—how to create and use them, and some dangers you need to be aware of, check out my article, The Power of Affirmation for Positive Change.

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