Daily Affirmations for Spiritual Qualities

I stop to smell the flowers and appreciate God's beauty in Nature.

Affirmations work directly on the subconscious mind to change the thoughts that don’t serve you into ones that do. They are one of our most powerful tools for healing the body, mind, heart, and spirit.

You can use these 30—one for each day of the month—inspiring, powerful affirmations as a focus to understand and develop many spiritual qualities.

Daily Affirmations

  1. God is just behind my reason today and every day, and every day is guiding me to do the right thing always.
  2. His Light has just driven away the accumulated darkness of ages, which lay hidden within my soul.
  3. Just as God silently, uncomplainingly forgives our sins, likewise may I calmly and lovingly forgive others who try to injure me.
  4. I shall behold the Infinite Beauty peeping at me through the colorful beauty-windows of the petals whenever I look at a rose.
  5. I will make my life a garden of rosy qualities, where God may come and visit me.
  6. Whenever I find anyone injecting in me the poison of hatred, I will neutralize it with the antidote of the continuous bestowal of love.
  7. I will feel God wrapped around me with the warm sunshine.
  8. In the voice of the viol, the flute, and the deep-toned organ, I will hear His Voice.
  9. Food, money, and possessions placed before me are useless if my heart fails. Therefore I know that I am living directly by the power of God.
  10. Sunshine, breeze, and life all come from God. Therefore I am living directly by the power of God.
  11. God is my prosperity. I will possess Him first and through Him all things, and wisdom, abundance, and happiness will be added unto me.
  12. God is my own inexhaustible Divine Bank. I am always rich, for I have access to the Divine Storehouse.
  13. God is the shepherd of my restless thoughts. He will lead them to His abode of peace.
  14. With the pure love of God, I will love all Creation.
  15. Since birds, beasts, and men all are the children of our One Father, I will love them all as my brothers.
  16. If anyone speaks ill of me, I will try to heal that one by my love.
  17. In my real spiritual friends I will behold God’s offering of friendship unto me.
  18. God gives me light through the sun and the moon, life through the breeze, power through my thoughts, wisdom through my reason, and Bliss through my soul.
  19. Through the portals of peace I will feel God entering into my temple of daily silence.
  20. I will love Christians, Hindus, Jews, Mohammedans, Buddhists, and the followers of all religions, as my brother devotees in the temple of our One Father—God.
  21. I will love all races as my own countrymen, living in the United States of the World with Truth as our President.
  22. The Infinite Christ is born in the cradle of my consciousness. He was crucified by my ignorance, but now He is risen again in deepest love.
  23. I will listen to the sermon of God every day in the temple of my conscience and inner discrimination.
  24. Since God’s perfection is present in all my body parts, they are well; they are perfect.
  25. In every soul I will behold the temple of God.
  26. I will try to meditate deeply every day. Today I will meditate deeper than yesterday. Tomorrow I will meditate deeper than today.
  27. In the temple of Nature, in the temple of Souls, in the temple of Activity, in the temple of Blossoms, in the temple of Thoughts, in the temple of Wisdom, and in the temple of Love I will worship Him.
  28. May Thy wisdom-guided, powerful Will guide and strengthen my Will to do the right thing at all times.
  29. May Thy unceasing Love visit my heart and lead me to forgive my enemies and love all equally.
  30. This day I will strive with all my might and determination to deepen my God contact in meditation.

Affirmations by Paramhansa Yogananda, East-West Magazine, June 1933

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