Daily Affirmations for Radiant Health & Vitality

Radiant Health and Joy

Good health is much more than not being ill!

It is a radiant state of inner well-being.

It is a state of boundless energy which comes when every cell in the body cooperates with the mind willingly, joyfully, in all that it seeks to do.

Such radiant well-being comes after the mind has been cleared of every shadow of unwillingness, of fear, and of doubt.

Affirmations can powerfully deal with the negative self-talk that keeps you from experiencing your true state of radiant well-being.

Use one of these 30 affirmations each day (can be the same one) as a focus to increase your radiant health and well-being.

Daily Affirmations

  1. I will rejoice in making others healthy as I love to be healthy myself.
  2. The King of the Universe is my Father. I am the prince successor to all His kingdom of power, wealth, and wisdom.
  3. The light of God’s perfect health shines in all the dark nooks of my body. In all my body cells God’s healing light is shining. They are well, for His perfection is in them.
  4. The sunshine of His prosperity has just burst through the dark sky of my limitation. I am God’s child. What He has, I have.
  5. First and foremost, I will try to be a Joy Billionaire and satisfy my needs for health and prosperity at the same time.
  6. Beginning with the early dawn, I will radiate my cheer to everyone I meet today. I will be the mental sunshine for all who cross my path this day.
  7. Father, teach me to remember and be grateful for the years of health which I enjoyed preceding the present ill health. Teach me to open my closed eyes of belief and behold Thy instantaneously-healing light.
  8. Teach me to know that Thou art the power that keeps me healthy, prosperous, and seeking Spiritual Truth.
  9. I shall make myself healthier every day by eating more raw food and ground nuts and less of the wrong kind of food. I shall ask others to follow my example in gaining good health.
  10. I shall make it a point to include, in my efforts to be better, the well-being of others.
  11. Father, help me, that I may naturally, spontaneously, and easily form the habit of proper eating and not become the victim of greed, and thus suffer against my will.
  12. Today I shall establish the power of God in the temple of each activity.
  13. Today I shall find God’s vitality in the Sun. I shall bathe my body directly in sunlight every day and appreciate the life-giving, disease-destroying gift of the ultra-violet rays from God.
  14. I shall recognize all disease as the result of my transgression against health laws, and I shall try to undo the evil by right eating, less eating, by fasting, by more exercise, and by right thinking.
  15. Today with the soft touch of intuition, I will tune my soul radio and rid my mind of static restlessness that I may hear Thy voice of Cosmic vibration, the music of atoms, and the melody of love vibrating in my superconsciousness.
  16. I will eat, not to satisfy greed, but for health. I will sleep, not for sloth, but for rest.
  17. Today I shall establish the joy of meditation in the temple of each of my thoughts.
  18. I am manifesting Life, Health, and Harmony.
  19. Divine Love fills every cell of my body temple and I am free from all thoughts of discord and lack.
  20. Spirit is all that is. This includes me. Therefore, every cell of my body sings with vitality, youth, and beauty.
  21. I will enjoy Thee. I will feel Thee in my emotions. I will think Thee in my thoughts. I will use Thy wisdom-guided will to guide my habit-guided will.
  22. Today I will walk and exercise with deep concentration, so that I may revive the vitality of vibrant youthfulness.
  23. I am made of God-substance, since that is the only substance which exists. Therefore I am Health; I am Success; I am Peace.
  24. I am an instrument for the expression of Divine power, intelligence, and beauty. I will keep my body strong and healthy, my mind clear, active and well trained, and my Soul surrounded with beauty, so that I shall be a perfect channel offering no obstruction to the free flow of Divine power through me into complete expression.
  25. I am Life, Intelligence, Health, Joy, Peace, and Power. This is the essential truth of my Being, and I shall try to express these qualities completely.
  26. Since God, or Good, is everywhere present at all times, my good is always with me, waiting for me to call it into manifestation. I shall go forth in perfect faith in the power of Omnipresent good to bring me whatever I need when I need it.
  27. The healing power of Spirit is flowing through all the cells of my body, cleansing, revitalizing, and making them strong and well.
  28. The light of Christ shines through me, and therefore my mind is clear, and order and harmony reign in all my affairs.
  29. Heavenly Father, my body cells are made of light; my fleshly cells are made of Thee. They are perfect, for Thou art perfect; they are health, for Thou art health; they are Spirit, for Thou art Spirit; they are immortal, for Thou art living.
  30. O, Spirit, let the waves of your power dance on the river of my activity. As you are intelligently busy making atoms, flowers, and universes, so teach me to be cheerfully busy always.

Affirmations by Paramhansa Yogananda, East-West Magazine, 1932-1941

Affirmations work directly on the subconscious mind to change the thoughts that don’t serve you into ones that do. They are one of our most powerful tools for healing the body, mind, heart, and spirit.

To learn all about affirmations—how to create and use them, and some dangers you need to be aware of, check out my article, The Power of Affirmation for Positive Change


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